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Friday, April 29, 2005

Jamie Moyer's Legacy

Scott Miller at CBSSportsline has a terrific piece on Jamie Moyer. Moyer, as we all know, just tied Randy Johnson on the all-time Mariner's win list, and might take the lead with his start Saturday at Oakland. We also know how important Moyer has been to the Seattle community as well. His Moyer Foundation has been a shining example of how a professional athlete can interact with the community.

I am a huge Jamie Moyer fan. Always have been, though there have been several points that I thought he was done. I believe that he is right up in the top five Mariner players of all time. My list:

1. Ken Griffey Jr.
2. Randy Johnson
3. Alex Rodriguez
4. Edgar Martinez
5. Jamie Moyer

Could someone else be on that list? A Jay Buhner perhaps? Maybe a Harold Reynolds? How about Mr. Mariner himself? There are arguments to be made, that is for sure. However, Moyer has been good for so long as a Mariner that I believe he deserves the spot I have given him. He is smart, knows hitter's tendencies, and is one of the best pitchers I have seen make adjustments during the game. There are so many games I can point to where he gives up a run or two in the first couple of innings because the hitters are keying off of something and then he switches up his rhythm and shuts down the offense for the rest of the game. I will miss him greatly when he retires.

Gavin: My top five would look the exact same. No one was Junior. No one was Randy in his prime. Alex became the best player in the league. Edgar should be a hall of famer. Moyer has been our best pitcher for forever, a 20 game winner at age 40, freaking fun to watch, and yes, better than any of the other position players. To me, it's not even close.

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