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Friday, April 22, 2005

Ichiro Franchise Player or Overrated?

Couple of interesting articles today over at on our favorite leadoff hitter. The first from Rob Neyer had him starting out comparing Ichiro to Ty Cobb and ended with a comparison with Willie Keeler. I tend to agree with Neyer's analysis. Yes, Ichiro is an incredible hitter and a great table setter... but he just doesn't hit with any kind of real power. There have been a few times already this year when he's come up with two outs and men on first and second and he's legged out an infield single. This is a hit with men in scoring position... but we don't actually score anyone. This is what separates Ichiro from prominent MVPs of our era... like Albert Pujols. That is the gist of the second article, which player would you build a team around? I choose Pujols. Yes, Ichiro is the best leadoff man in the game, perhaps in the history of the game... but Pujols is young and can flat out carry an offense. Ichiro proved last year that he cannot do the same. If he could have, we wouldn't have had the worst offense in the league. Not much we can argue, and I'm the Mariners fan...

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