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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Hawks offseason just keeps on giving

This day officially became awesome when I surfed over to and saw why the Seahawks offseason has gone from good to great. Ruskell gets some mad kudos for this.

First off, the Seahawks signed former Husky Jerome Pathon to a multi year deal averaging over one million per year. We now have as much depth at wide receiver as I've ever seen. As Colin mentioned, this sends the message to Koren Robinson that none of his crap will be tolerated. We made the mistake of relying simply on Robinson, Darrell Jackson and Bobby Engram last year (I'm purposefully forgetting that we had Jerry Rice) and paid the price in drops and inconsistency. Every fourth receiver we had simply took up space. Now we have those three, Joe Jurevicius providing a big wide reciever across the middle, and Pathon as the best fifth wide receiver in the league. I don't understand why the Saints let this guy go... I thought he was more consistent than Dante Stallworth. Our offense has no excuse but to kick it into another gear this year. The same offensive line (with Womack at right tackle), Shaun Alexander (or suitable replacement), Ituala Mili at TE and the resigned Matt Hasselbeck. I'm excited to see what they can do.

As cool as that signing was, it still was nothing compared to what came next. We signed cornerback Andre Dyson to a five year 17.5 million dollar contract with a three million signing bonus. This was one of the premier players available on the market... a 25 year old starting corner who doesn't get hurt and had six picks last year for a good defensive unit. We can officially now say... what was Carolina thinking giving that contract and bonus to Ken Lucas? Three million versus twelve million? This is an upgrade to our defense and gives us a five deep situation at corner that is as good as I've ever seen and is as deep as anything in the league. Marcus Trufant and Dyson starting. Kelly Herndon, Bobby Taylor, and Kris Richard in supporting roles. That is insane. What a secondary we'll be able to throw out.

With the start this offseason had, we weren't sure how the Hawks were going to be able to be competitive. Ruskell and Reinsfeldt have answered that question in spades. We'll see how the draft goes, but irregardless, this offseason has to be one of the best, if not the best in team history.

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