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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Goodbye to Chad Brown?

The Seahawks seem to be holding off on dumping Chad Brown, but that doesn't mean that Brown's feelings haven't been hurt. The P-I had the story. I will miss Brown, his tenacity and his ability to rush the passer. However, he was also injured for the majority of the past two seasons, and seemed to lose a lot of his fire when he was in. So, in my opinion, he was short-changing us the past two seasons, so no need for him to be getting mad at us now for short-changing him.

Holmgren's plan now seems to be D.D. Lewis, Koutoviedes (still probably misspelled), and Sharper. Not too bad.... IF they remain healthy.

Gavin: It is unfortunate that it had to come to this, but it is true that Chad Brown was just not worth the money anymore... not with what we were paying him. I wish him the best with a different team, but they will be lucky to get 8 games out of him. Now again we are left with a gaping hole at middle linebacker. I'd rather swap Sharper and Koutovides, but Niko's lack of speed might become an issue. Basically, any formation that doesn't include Harvard's favorite reject, Isaiah K, is enough for me for starters.

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