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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Fun Baseball Questions

I rather liked this article from Eric Neel about baseball so far this year and thought Colin and I should answer the questions they pose...

1. How 'bout those White Sox?

Gavin: Going down. The offense is pathetic. The bullpen is pieced together. The starters are quality. That's it. They are worse than the Oakland A's, and you know how much fun we've had at their expense so far this year.

Colin: Going down, but wait until after the All-Star break. They have enough of a rotation to last until July, but the clutch hitting and excellent relief can not continue. They just don't have the talent for it. Plus Ozzie Guillen is their manager. Enough said.

2. Are the Nationals for real?

Gavin: I say yes, but the starting rotation and lower half of the lineup says no. They will need career years from Brad Wilkerson and Jose Vidro to keep it going. I still hold out hope for a magical year.

Colin: Well, they won't suck, but no, they won't win the division. However, they will be a watchable team that should be in the race for a good long while.

3. Who is the most bulldog player in the game?

Gavin: I give it to Darin Erstad, especially when he was in the outfield. There were times that I think he purposefully slid just to get mud all over him. He'll take out the second baseman hard on a double-play ball, never gives in at the plate, and is just the type of guy you want on your team... just not at first base.

Colin: Well, Erstad is nice, but I will give it to Marcus Giles, the 2nd baseman for the Atlanta Braves. The man is tough. I saw him take two huge base-running hits in a single game and stay on his feet. I would take him over Boone any day.

4. What early season surprise won't maintain?

Gavin: My vote goes to Gustavo Chacin of the Toronto Blue Jays, currently off to a 4-0 start. His wind-up will confuse teams first time around, but they're going to catch up, and his lack of control will add to the fun.

Colin: My vote goes to the underperforming San Francisco Giants. They have been rocked by injuries, but that starting rotation should drag them up. They will contend for the NL West title this season, with or without Bonds.

5. Who is your favorite player under 25?

Gavin: I have to go with the homeboy, Adrian Beltre... or possibly Jeremy Reed... or possibly Felix Hernandez. Still, Beltre is entering the prime of his career, swings a good stick and plays as good a third as you'll ever see.

Colin: Is Michael Young under 25? If so, then Michael Young. I love his approach at the plate, his defense, his leadership, his ability to do whatever the team needs.... The guy is special, and he is my favorite AL West foe for some time.

6. What's the current World Series matchup?

Gavin: Baltimore vs St Louis... the Orioles have dominated both Boston and New York in the early going, and the other AL contenders all have serious question marks. No one is challenging the Cardinals.

Colin: Baltimore? Are you nucking futs? Right now the matchup is Minnesota vs. St. Louis. Santana is getting in a solid groove, with Radke and Silva both starting strong. Mauer and Morneau are starting to hit with regularity, causing that Twins lineup to look a tad more potent. St. Louis is running away with the NL Central already.

7. Who are you least concerned about, Yankees, Phillies, or Padres?

Gavin: I have to go with the Padres here because of how weak overall the NL West is. Arizona is currently leading... that's right, Arizona. The Padres have 140 games, solid starting pitching, and hitters just waiting to heat up.

Colin: I'll go with the Padres as well. They have a solid team, and I expect them to pick things up soon.

8. What two managers would you like to see duel with lightsabers?

Gavin: Lou Piniella versus anyone or Tony Pena versus Ozzie Guillen in the battle of the latin hotheads.

Colin: Definitely Ozzie Guillen, and I would like to see him against former manager Larry Bowa. I know he's not managing right now, but that would be a sweet matchup. I would pay money.

9. Who is the current underrated player?

Gavin: I gotta go with the article and Carlos Guillen. Where the heck was all this talent when he was this inconsistent prospect with the M's? It's not like Comerica is a hitter's paradise. He went from one bad park to an even worse park and is just ripping the ball. What? What?

Colin: How about Jon Garland? The guy is the #5 starter on the White Sox and has an ERA under 2.00. He is pitching lights out, and has not gotten any press about it. Sure, El Duque will probably be injured, and Contreras will not pitch as well as he has. However, Garland might end up as the #2 starter in this rotation.

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