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Monday, April 11, 2005

Draft Will Conroy!

I mentioned before that Chad Ford had written an article that midway down had a blurb on Will Conroy's performance at the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament. Well, today he had Conroy as one of the top players, and the best point guard. I say it again, if you liked Earl Watson, you would love Will Conroy. If we let Antonio Daniels go, Will would be a great replacement. He would love to stay in Seattle, and we would love him right back. Would you rather have another undersized power forward (pretty much everyone else on the list) or a blocky point guard with good size and quickness? I know what I would prefer... go Conroy!

Get him before Nate Robinson, who finally declared today. Nate will most definitely not be great in the NBA, although I don't really know what more he had to prove in college. He can't play defense, needs to get streaky to shoot, throws up tons of layup circus shots, and will be eaten alive by everyone except Earl Boykins. Good luck, Nate. I will root for you, I just don't think much of your future.

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