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Friday, April 29, 2005

Don't Get Fooled By Jerome

It finally happened... Frank Hughes wrote an article on the "new" Jerome James after his two great playoff performances. Jerome humbly admits how bad he was and points to his "mama" and new work ethic at why he has stepped up in the postseason. It's hard to stop laughing. James averaged 4 point and 3 rebounds during 82 games in the regular season... and NOW he's an improved player because of stuff that happened last offseason? What the heck was happening before? Is he going to give us one huge discount to resign him since he "wasted the money" these past three years? Probably not... he has to feed his family. Jerome James is a huge talent, and if Nate McMillan can't make him succeed, no one can. Please say we aren't going to resign him... please...

Also today, Steve Kelley has a great article on Luke Ridnour, who I thought played a fantastic game in Game 2, and would have been my MVP if his shot had been falling. Luke is the x-factor tonight, to see how he is able to calmly run our offense through all those cowbells. My money is on Luke to perform well, and to actually hit 50 percent of his shots.

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