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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Daily Sharper watch... BOOYAH!!

The PI continues to cover the Sharper story. Another day, another 'lot o' nuttin'. The good news? We might have the high bid. The bad news? We don't have Marvin Lewis coaching for us. Come on, Ruskell, get this done, and I will absolutely love you as much as a fan can love a team president.... until you do something boneheaded.

Gavin: It has been done! We love Tim Ruskell! Our linebacking core might not be godawful! 5 years, 17.5 million is not even that bad a salary, makes you wonder how much lower Cincinatti went. Especially with only a 1.5 million dollar signing bonus. That seems really low, actually, comparatively to Ken Lucas. Who would you rather have?

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