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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Zags: Defense!!

Bud Withers has an interesting article out today in the Times about the lack of defensive intensity the Zags elicited during the game against Texas Tech. Withers quotes an ex-coach as saying the Zags just need to get more athletic in the backcourt.

I guess. I'm just not convinced, from what I saw, that defense lost them that game. I saw a lack of heart and overall intensity from everyone not named Adam Morrison. Did that impact the defense? Most assuredly. Did the lack of defense CAUSE the lack of heart? I don't think so. There just seemed to be something a little off during that game. If anyone has a better idea than I do (and that is not too hard to do) please shoot me a comment.

My solution? Get away from playing that zone for large stretches of the game. A zone breeds standing still, sapping away energy. Get some full-court pressure. Make sure your defensive intensity is breeding offensive intensity.

As I write this, maybe, in the end, I am agreeing with Withers. I am still a confused man from last Saturday. A hurt, confused man. I need about 97 more hugs from the Huskies come Thursday.

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