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Thursday, March 24, 2005

UW vs Louisville

Thought I would do a running log of this game, just for the heck of it.

1st Half:
15:51 - Louisville 8, UW 7. Good news: Bobby Jones is becoming a factor, which, as I blogged earlier, is crucial. We're moving the ball around against the zone, and Myles has early foul trouble. Bad news: Taquan Dean is starting out hot. We have to get out on him. By the way, Bobby Jones just got plastered. Someone has to call that screen out for him. Final word: Both teams are still feeling the other out. Very tentative play. That will change.

11:55 - Louisville 12, UW 13. I got a bad feeling about the officiating so far. Joel Smith was obviously hacked on the way to an easy lay-in. Nate Robinson received two ticky-tack fouls. Francisco Garcia was granted a reprieve on his second. This might change, but, wow, I am amazed that the Huskies are ahead right now, even by just 1.

7:40 - Louisville 18, UW 25. Still not real happy with the officiating. That 3rd foul on Nate was a crime against humanity. Garcia pulled him down! Unbelievable. However, Brandon Roy has come to play. Looks like he wants to impress some NBA scouts with his play in this tournament, so Husky fans get to trade having him for another season against having him play like a friek in the tourney. Louisville is playing tentative, losing their grip on the ball several times. Garcia is settling for long threes. We are extending our defense well, taking away their 3-point game. So... excellent except for the fouls.

3:50 - Louisville 29, UW 30. Well, it's raining three's for Louisville. Dean, Polancio, Garcia.... you just can not leave any of them open. Now the Huskies look tired, dragging about, missing a couple of easy shots. These next four minutes will be extremely important. The Huskies need to take back the intensity they showed earlier and rock the Cardinals now.

Halftime - Louisville 47, UW 35. Well, the Cardinals rocked the Huskies. Nothing more to say. I'm stunned. They couldn't miss, we couldn't do anything.... Wow. Well, here's hoping the second half is better than the first. We have the firepower. Let's see it in action. The Huskies need to:

1. Get back out on their shooters

2. Get on the glass. Louisville was getting to all the boards at the end.

3. Shoot some 3's. We only have 2. That won't cut it.

4. Pick the energy back up. They're playing like Gonzaga.

Well, here goes....

Second half:

15:40 - Louisville up by 14. Just for superstition sake, I am going to stop blogging for a little while. Trying to shake up things. Anything, you know?

Heck, I'll blog more when the game is over.

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