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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Top Ten Gambles in '05

Guess who SI writer John Donovan selected as the #1 gamble of the offseason? Sexson? Nope. Carl Pavano? Nope. Rich Harden? Nope. That would be the honor of Adrian Beltre. Donovan's logic was that he had the biggest year last year, thus had the most pressure on him to repeat his feats. Donovan, one can tell, is very pessimistic about the Mariners AND about Beltre's capacity to repeat. He calls the previous five seasons for Beltre "underachieving", failing to note the injuries that had limited Beltre's growth plus his overall youth. Basically, if you want to read someone paint a worse-case picture of Beltre, read the article. Some other gambles? Sosa at #2 sans the Cubbies becomes another individual on the proverbial hot seat, needing to produce to come out of that cloud of steroids and a corked bat (remember that?). Sexson is at #3, cementing my opinion that Donovan didn't do any real research to write this article. Then is Glaus, Drew, Pedro, Beltran, Ordonez, Delgado (what?), and Derek Lowe. Whatever.

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