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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Spring Training Update - M's 4, Angels 3

Colin and I hit up Spring Training tonight. A few observations...

1. Felix Hernandez rocks. The entire game was worth him striking out Vladimir Guerrero on three pitches. I couldn't believe it, I was expecting him to overthrow and give up a bomb. He did start overthrowing in his second inning of work and was bailed out by a couple great defensive plays by Ichiro and Jeremy Reed.

2. Jeremy Reed will have a significant effect on our offense. The first inning was prototype of what our lineup should be capable of. Ichiro led off with a single, then Reed tripled, and Beltre singled again. Three batters, two runs. He also did make the aforementioned great play in the outfield on a ball hit by Garrett Anderson.

3. Jorge Campillo is a starter, not a reliever. He looked solid tonight, although I'd be concerned about the strikeout rate. However, many of the balls in play were not hit hard. His curveball is fantastic. We were sitting on the outfield grass and you could still easily see the break. I think I do like him better than Ryan Franklin.

4. Pokey Reese can't handle the bat. This is not news, him walking twice tonight was news. He missed around four to five pitches that he should have handled. He will be a black hole in our lineup... should it be Jose Lopez?

5. That infield defense is all that it's been billed. Beltre made a couple great plays with the glove tonight, Reese gobbled up everything near him, and Greg Dobbs (in place of Sexson) made a couple nice spears.

6. Speaking of Dobbs, he might actually be the scarier pinch-hitting presence of the bench that we need in lieu of Bucky Jacobson. He looked good at the plate tonight.

7. Miguel Olivo has not learned how to hold up on the low breaking pitch. If he hasn't figured this out, we are in for many a strikeout this year. Not impressive.

All around, a fairly interesting game, and being able to see King Felix made any ticket price worthwhile. Look forward to another game on Friday!

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