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We are twin brothers who grew up in Central Washington. This blog is devoted to the life of Seattle sports fans, as well as various other topics that we will espouse for your enjoyment. We could be called another OFFICIAL SEATTLE SEAHAWKS site, but we'll take our uneducated crack at the Mariners, Sonics, and Huskies as well. A Seattle Sports Blog? Must be the land... of crushed optimism!

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Seattle Pessimism

The title of this blog is Crushed Optimism. This is because Colin and I are, unfortunately, eternal optimists when it comes to Seattle sports teams. So at the beginning of every season I dislike the doom and gloom portends of officious baseball writers, especially TV critics turned baseball writers, such as evidenced here. We'll write about this when our Seattle preview comes out, but why do we believe our starters are so awful when they were among the best in the league in 2003? Are they that awful or that good? Possibly not... but creating comparisons based only on one year is foolish. John Levesque in his pessimistic article even lists many of the reasons why the M's can make a decent jump this year... then summarily discounts them. I suppose it's better to be surprised than disappointed. I like being optimistic.

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