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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Seattle 102, Memphis 99

This was a heck of a game. I tell you what, though, I knew the Sonics were going to win this game at the end of the first half. At that point, the Sonics were within six. This, while shooting 30 percent as opposed to 66 percent (or so) for the Grizzlies. Nine times out of ten, those teams come back. Luke Ridnour did an amazing job of running the pick-and-roll with a combination of James, Evans, and Collison. Memphis was so concerned with Ray Allen, double teaming him every time he touched the ball, that the pick-and-roll was easy.

Again, this was an impressive win without Rashard Lewis. Without Radmanovic. Without Fortson. To go in to Memphis, one of the hottest teams in the league and win. It's insane...

Who the heck decided to make Jerome James a good player recently? This is yet another game where he's stepped up. If he continues, we won't have to break the bank in free agency for someone else. 22 points... wow.

Damien Wilkins has been an awesome addition. For the second time in a week, he saves a game with an amazing defensive play. He gives up five inches to Shane Battier, yet he blocks the attempted pass down low to Pau Gasol into Battier and out of bounds... one of the best defensive stops I've seen all year. This is a guy that I think we should definitely keep... I like him more and more each time. Personally, I believe that he's an improvement on Radmanovic. More defensive intensity, and can still hit the three.

So, it's playoff time, baby! Look for a bunch of pundits to pick us to lose in the first round.

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