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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Scouting Report: Louisville

Alright, almost time for the Sweet Sixteen! I figured it was time for the scouting report on the Huskies' next opponent.

Louisville Cardinal

Conference: C-USA. What have we seen from this conference so far? UAB rocked LSU (called by both Gavin and myself) and then was rocked by Arizona. Cincinatti had their regular performance, out in the first weekend. Charlotte was blown out by NC State. Not very impressive.

Record: 31-4. Not a very impressive schedule. They beat Stanford by 15, Florida by 4 (early in the season, before Florida became good), and then beat Cincinnati, UAB, etc. They lost to Iowa and Kentucky (by two). This is why, in my opinion, they deserved that #4 seed. I actually watched the game against Memphis AT LOUISVILLE that they lost by 17. They lost to Memphis by 17.

Coach: Rick Pitino. Great in the college game, horrible in the NBA. Did anyone watch him coach the Celtics? He looked lost the entire time. Romar was 3-1 against Pitino when he was the coach of St. Louis, so Romar knows something about how Pitino plays.

Star Player(s): Wow. Francisco Garcia, Taquan Dean, and Larry O'Bannon. They have at least these three players, all of whom could, if hot, beat UW all by themselves. They can slash to the hole or step back and hit the three. In a way...

Style of play: They are the Huskies. Same pressing, in your face defense. Same style of sharing the ball, a different person stepping up to the plate every game. Same intensity. Same weakness of being undersized, yet compensating for that with banging the boards. Same ability to find the hot hand. Again, they are the Huskies.

This will be a fun, exciting, up and down game. Louisville can easily go cold, which is what Husky fans should hope for. I watched this team several times during the regular season, and they never looked overly impressive. Plus they got their all-star game out of the way with their win over Georgia Tech. Quite simply, they cannot play any better than they did that game. That was perfect. Can they duplicate that performance? I doubt it. Now, what of the Huskies? Again, Jamaal Williams, Hakeem Rollins, and Bobby Jones need to be huge. Bobby Jones will need to stay away from cheap fouls and be used to guard whoever is the hot hand, be it Dean, Garcia, or O'Bannon. Conroy will take another of the three, using more energy on the defensive end, letting others score on the offensive end. Nate will need to slash ALOT, and Roy... just be your normal consistent self. Finally, we will need to limit turnovers from Louisville's full-court pressure, also limiting transition buckets. Fearless prediction: Louisville will be up by double-digits at some point in the first half. However, I just can't pick against the Huskies. The best team in the Pac-10 will be better than the best team in C-USA. Dawgs: 85-81.

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