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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Pokey Reese to Washington?

The newest hot rumor around is us trading Pokey Reese to the Washington Nationals. Jose Lopez has been impressive this spring, and has shown glimpses of actual defensive potential. This is a good move IF (and if would be a big if) we feel that Jose Lopez is completely ready. Otherwise we will have a black hole at short, just like last year, and play people like Ramon Santiago (having a good spring... just the type of player to have a good spring, fool the manager, and then take up a bench spot for the rest of the season while providing outs each at-bat). So I am cautious... don't make the trade just because Lopez would start.

In other M's news, the editorial staff of Crushed Optimists will be watching Felix Hernandez pitch against the Angels tonight in Peoria. First hand accounts will be forthcoming.

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