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Monday, March 28, 2005

The NBA potential of Robinson and Roy

I have always enjoyed the Go-2-Guy for some strange reason, even though he is a Coug. Today his article actually involved research and analysis, a first! He talked to several Sonic personnel about the NBA readiness of Nate Robinson and Brandon Roy, two Huskies that will consider leaving early for the NBA. Here are my two cents on this issue.

Robinson: Face it. He is small. In the college game, this is not as big of a deal. Viable big men usually jump from high school to the pros. Guards run the show, and Nate was able to use his quickness to take over ballgames. Moore raises a good point, though. In the NBA, Nate would need to become a point guard. His size would require it. And.... I just do not see him becoming a good point guard. He is a shooter, an energy guy, not a passer, and certainly not a great defender. Best chance? Next Muggsy Bogues or Earl Boykins. A good player, nice for a spark every now and then, but not a 1st round pick.

Roy: Most potential out of any of the Huskies, except maybe my favorite, Will Conroy. The man can shoot, pass, dribble, guard, play four positions on the court, everything. The NBA loves versatility, and Roy possesses that quality in spades. Should he go now? I would say no. A few reasons. 1. His knee still worries people, even though I believe he will be fine. 2. If Robinson leaves and Roy comes back, he will be the unquestioned leader of the team. He will be the go-to-man in the final minutes. He will be the center of attention. If the Huskies continue their resurgance, and with that class coming in there is no reason to believe they will not, Roy could bandy that leadership into a solid 1st round pick. 3. Become part of Husky lore. Brandon Roy could be one of THOSE names in reference to a program, the way Christian Laettner is to Duke and Danny Manning is to Kansas. One of those names that sticks with fans for decades. He stays, the Huskies become a viable Final Four caliber team. If they get there.... I can only speak for myself, but I will remember him.

Predictions: Robinson is gone. It was a stretch for him to come back this year. He has the hype, he has the Sweet 16, he has the Pac-10 tourney. The media love him, even though it looks like they just see his SportsCenter highlights and not his actual game.

Roy? I believe he will stay. I believe he wants to be the Man, and show the NBA scouts all that he has to offer. Will he? We'll find out in the next few months.

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