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Friday, March 25, 2005

M's vs Kansas City

Well, the editorial board of crushed optimists was able to attend another spring training game, this time against the Kansas City Royals. Again, some thoughts:

- The ol' offense needs to get it in gear. Ichiro and Reed have been the only consistent hitters I have seen in my three games.

- Scott Spezio is not over his slump. Not only did he have a crucial error, he killed several rallies with his bat. This problem was magnified by Hargrove batting him third. Third?

- I still have some hope for Baek. He is a battler, working his way through some hard innings before finally succumbing in the three-run 4th (helped by 2 Seattle errors).

- Reed will be an excellent hitter in the 2 hole. Best thing I have seen in spring training this year.

That was the last game for me this spring. Now it is time to get MLB Season Ticket and watch the regular season!

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