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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Lovefest of Arizona/UW fans

Ray Ratto had an interesting article on how UW fans cheered UA on in Boise against UAB. As a Husky fan who lives in Arizona, you can bet I was cheering for UA. Why?

1. My grandparents live near Tucson. My grandpa is a low-key individual... except when his Cats are playing.

2. The normal love found between Cats and Dawgs.

3. To show the other conferences how the Pac-10 plays ball.

4. I just love watching Salim Stoudamire play... not against the Huskies. He has such a pure shot.

5. I think Arizona had, and still has, a great chance against Oklahoma State and Illinois.

6. I picked Arizona to go to the Final Four in my bracket.

7. Which older coach would you rather cheer for: Lute Olsen or Bobby Knight?

8. Once agin, to show the other conferences how the Pac-10 plays ball.

Cheer with me for Arizona this coming weekend. Go Cats! (until you play the Dawgs. Then the gloves come off)

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