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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Huskies begin push back into mediocrity

A Rose Bowl berth still years away, Tyrone Willingham's reign began today with spring practice, and an awful lot of rules. Is there a statistical win share to having mandatory hair cuts and 6:30 AM meetings? Can we at least say 3-8 from 1-10 on those rules alone? Anyways, the Seattle PI has one preview article as this begins, which focuses on the make-or-break for the team next year... who is going to throw the damn ball? Please Lord, not Casey Paus. Anything but Casey Paus.
I was listening to 950 KJR this afternoon and Hugh Millen made an excellent point. We were 1-10. Ouch. However, we had a .500 running game, and an over .500 defense. We had a below .000 passing attack. It was beyond futile. If no one can beat out Paus for the starter, we can pencil in eight losses. Mark my words. No optimism.

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