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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

High School Phenoms?

I blame the McDonald High School game as one of the major culprits for destroying pro basketball. You hype up these kids for a weekend, they feel on top of the world, declare for the draft, and sit on the bench for years. This year feels even worse, since there are no can't miss NBA prospects. Martell Webster, who we all hope to see in a UW uniform next year, is one of a few players most mentioned, but who still has quite a bit of grooming necessary to succeed at the top level. This is just another reason I'd like to see an age limit instituted in the NBA. I'm willing to give up two years of Kevin Garnett or Amare Stoudamire in the NBA in order to miss two years of Robert Swift sitting on the bench.

So watch the McDonald's game... a few of those players will be 12th men for the next three years on a pro team. Congratulations.

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