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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Haven't we heard this before?

Look, I'm all about "character". We've all seen what happens when you stick a bunch of idiots together on a team. You call them the Portland Trail Blazers. At some point, though, just getting "character" guys is an excuse for mediocrity. For exhibit A, I demonstrate the Seattle Mariners. Enough said. For exhibit B, I throw out the Seattle Sonics the last two years.

Tim Ruskell wants the Hawks to be a team of character. Great. As long as you can balance that with winning. So far this offseason, I'm yet to be convinced.

Colin: The Seattle Mariners talked about building a team full of "good guys" for years. In return we got a bunch of 40 year olds that couldn't get past the Yankees. The Seattle Sonics traded for Ray Allen (and got rid of Desmond Mason?) in their quest of building the "good guy" team.

Isn't there a happy medium? Yes. I give you Danny Fortson. Is Danny a good guy on the court? Heck no. I give you Reggie Evans. Does Reggie make friends the way he plays defense? No. However, are they both excellent team players? Of course.

I agree with Gavin. Character has a place. The New England Patriots are a great example of that. However, the Pats also have that hard edge to them with Rodney Harrison, Corey Dillon, and Teddy Bruschi (who we pray will return to full health). Don't just feed me crap about getting nice guys. I'm a nice guy, but I'm also skinny and weak. Get us players, playmakers who are serious about the game and serious about winning.

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