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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Bavasi... does he have a clue?

The M's today picked up Abraham Nunez off waivers from the Kansas City Royals. You read this correctly... we picked up someone the KANSAS CITY FREAKING ROYALS cut. Why did we do this? We have to put Nunez on the roster... does this mean the end for Bloomquist? Frankly, this better start making sense soon, because otherwise this, coupled with Thornton, Sele, and Nelson making the squad (over at least George Sherrill) doesn't exactly inspire confidence in Bavasi making quality decisions. Looks like Nunez can add to our already awe-inspiring bench. Sweet.

In other news, those Diamond Mind predictions are pretty darn interesting.

Oakland 85 77 .525 - 873 817 31.0 1.0
Los Angeles 84 78 .519 1 803 775 29.0 2.5
Seattle 83 79 .512 2 795 778 25.0 2.0
Texas 80 82 .494 5 852 875 15.0 1.5

This is probably pretty close to where I'd be (although I think Oakland is too high)... more to come with our Seattle preview soon!

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